fleet management

A1 Automotive takes delivery of three DAF XFs

A1 Automotive has signed its first, full-service contract hire agreement with Fraikin for three new DAF XF car transporters.

How fleet managers can look after their truck drivers’ health and wellbeing

Around 35% of illness at work in the transport industry is attributed to issues with mental health (although that figure is likely to be higher, considering the stigma surrounding the issue). 

What is used oil analysis, and why should you be using it?

By taking a closer look at the condition and components of your fleet’s engine oil through oil monitoring, expert analysis can help highlight the early signs of problems within the engine.

Dormant vehicles risk hefty repair bills

With fleets being forced to park up as work dries up due to the restrictions put in place to manage the coronavirus pandemic, haulage firms have warned that they could face big repair bills when they put their vehicles back into action.

Driver training doesn’t have to be in a classroom

The internet removes a range of physical barriers – and this is seen in all industries.

5 trucking trends to watch in 2019

There’s a huge amount of change taking place in trucking right now. Trying to keep up with these trends is not an easy task, but that doesn’t stop industry experts and analysts giving it their best shot.

Change is coming to trucking, but something’s got to give

The idea of all or nothing has its appeal. It’s a chance to get everything out of your system in one go. We might drink more than our recommended daily units in one night, but hey, that’s OK, because we’ll be booze free for the next three days (48 hours at least).

A rant about everything (but mostly wages)

Most truck drivers would agree the wages could be better. No, scrap that. Pretty much every truck driver would agree that the wages NEED to be a damn sight better.

3 trends in trucking

To the untrained eye, the future of trucking is looking uncertain. Freight will always need to be transported from A to B. The question is whether that freight will continue to be transported by road – or more specifically, in trucks driven by humans.

Convoy CEO: Forget driver shortages, inefficiency is the real problem

While the headlines shout about the ongoing driver shortage, there’s another challenge plaguing the industry: inefficiency.

Are fleets adhering to basic compliance?

You might assume all fleets are carrying out walk-around checks on all vehicles, but a new survey suggests this might not always be the case.

What’s the impact of tyre tariffs?

Almost as soon as it was announced that the EU were to be imposing tariffs on truck tyres, the news started having an impact on the market.