Fuel prices keep changing. Time for a fuel cost calculator…

The Fleet Speak fuel calculator can help you calculate how much diesel you will need per journey so you don’t come up against any nasty surprises on route.

How to calculate fuel cost consumption for a truck

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses the trucking industry has to deal with. So it stands to reason that if a trucking company is going to make a profit, it needs to know how to calculate fuel cost consumption for its trucks.

Hike in fuel duty would hit economy hard

With reports that UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak is considering raising the fuel duty by 5p per litre, it’s not just the nation’s drivers who will be impacted. Logistics businesses – and the wider economy – would also feel the pressure.

Hyundai’s first fuel cell truck heads to Europe

The first of Hyundai’s fuel cell trucks has arrived in Switzerland. The ten Xcient Fuel Cell trucks will be available for lease and the truck manufacturer plans to ship another 40 to Switzerland this year.

Could biomethane cut your fuel costs?

Are you keen to save on fuel costs for your truck fleet? Then switching from diesel to biomethane could be the answer you’re looking for, according to a new campaign. 

Increase your fuel efficiency

With operating costs rising and profit margins becoming increasingly tight, it is important for operators to understand how to increase their fuel efficiency, while also reducing carbon emissions.