Covid-19 testing for lorry drivers entering UK

New coronavirus rules applying to hauliers from outside the UK has come into effect on 6 April.

Vegan truckers – are you up for joining the trend?

Yes, following a vegan diet when working in trucking will probably require a bit more thought and effort. But the benefits of eating a healthy diet are not to be scoffed at.

How truck drivers can stay healthy on the road

Here are three truck driver health tips to get you started.

6 things truck drivers should remember in a pandemic

Here are six safety tips truck drivers should consider during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

How truck drivers can reduce back pain

Truckers are four times more likely to suffer from back pain than your average person. Unfortunately, it’s something that comes with the job.

How fleet managers can look after their truck drivers’ health and wellbeing

Around 35% of illness at work in the transport industry is attributed to issues with mental health (although that figure is likely to be higher, considering the stigma surrounding the issue). 

Guide to on the road fitness

Truckers aren’t renowned for being the picture of glowing health. Research has shown that truck drivers are often obese (many morbidly so), and have the highest risk of chronic health problems of any occupational group.

Being a trucker and keeping your diet healthy

There are many challenges to keep a healthy lifestyle in any walk of life.

Exclusive Report: Is driving a truck good for your health?

A healthy truck driver sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? A job which requires you to sit down all day long doesn’t exactly scream health and fitness. Plenty of truck drivers experience all sorts of health issues during their years behind the wheel – and we wanted to find out which are the most common. We asked the question: ‘since being a truck driver what ailments and illnesses have you gained?’ in an online poll. Here’s what you told us: Obesity: 38% Back injuries 27% Depression and loneliness: 20% Sleep apnoea: 4.6% Diabetes: 5.3% Arthritis and deep vein thrombosis also made it onto the list as conditions truckers have to put up with as part of the day job. Just 3.5% of those questioned said that their health hadn’t been affected by driving a truck. Obesity takes the top spot, with 3...[Read More]

Crank it up!

Pulling tarps, cranking gears, and shifting freight. Plenty of people would baulk at the idea, but for truckers it’s just one part of the job.

How can truckers stay healthy?

Trucking companies are failing to give drivers the education and tools they need to stay healthy. Simply offering health screenings is not enough.

Fighting the stigma around depression in trucking

Here’s a sobering fact for you: trucking is the eighth highest occupation most likely to commit suicide. To say this doesn’t make for easy reading is an understatement, but it’s a conversation we need to have.