HGV drivers

Hundreds of new HGV drivers set to enter workforce

Hundreds of new HGV drivers set to enter workforce with Driver Academy Group training.

Fleets warned to be ready for Highway Code changes

Van and HGV drivers have been warned to 'get ready' for the new Highway Code changes that are coming.

Government plan to extend lorry driver hours is ‘dangerous’, warns Unite

Government's plan to extend lorry driver hours is not solving the problem and is dangerous, warns Unite.

HGV round trips and jobs set to rocket

Demand for HGV drivers looks set to rocket with the thriving e-commerce sector.

Unite claims lorry inspections are ‘vanishingly rare’

The union Unite says UK lorry inspections are 'vanishingly rare' and this raises serious safety concerns.

Free ‘skills bootcamps’ begin to tackle HGV driver crisis

The UK's HGV driver crisis is being tackled with the launch of the first 'skills bootcamp' for lorry drivers.

Logistics UK ‘optimistic’ that driver shortage is easing

Logistics UK says they are optimistic that the country's HGV driver shortage is easing.

Unite union slams cabotage rules change

The union Unite has warned the government that its lorry driving cabotage rules change will be risking road safety in the UK.

Road freight cabotage rule change will affect lorry parking

Relaxing road haulage cabotage rules will lead to more foreign lorries parking up in lay-bys for rest periods, Logistics UK warns.

PM urged to act on lorry driver shortage or face Christmas crisis

The haulage industry is warning the Prime Minister to act on resolving supply chain issues or face a Christmas crisis.

Bus and bin wagon drivers quit to become HGV drivers

Growing numbers of bin and bus drivers are quitting their jobs to become better paid HGV drivers.

New HGV drivers go straight to artic test

New HGV drivers will, the DVSA says, now be allowed to go straight to their artic test.