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Here’s how you can find the best truck stops in the UK

We all agree upon the lack of suitable truck stops and places to rest for HGV drivers in the UK, not considering the fines being enforced on drivers parking in the lay-bys. With a fleeting decrease in these rest stops, where can you go to rest as an HGV driver without worrying a bit? Since the European Union’s extended rules for drivers’ hours have come into effect over the pandemic, HGV drivers are prioritizing their work hours over rest. Due to these extended work hours, drivers do not get a proper rest space to recharge. Instead, they take their regular weekly rest breaks in lay-bys (on or near public roads), which is deemed unsafe and can lead drivers to pay hefty fines or even getting restricted by DVSA. How to find great UK truck stops? In order to take a rest break, ever...[Read More]