I-Shift gearbox

Volvo Trucks boosts I-Shift gearbox shifting by up to 30%

Volvo Trucks’ intelligent and automated I-Shift gearbox is now faster than ever to deliver quicker response and improved driveability The I-Shift gearbox shifting speed has, Volvo says, increased by up to 30% to help with the smoothness to the driving of both diesel and electric heavy-duty trucks. The significant driveability improvement, which has been added to drivelines at all emission levels, is achieved by the new way in which the I-Shift gearbox interacts with the engine. The update includes faster clutch activation that results in a shorter torque interruption. It also makes the gear shifting smoother, for a more harmonious driving experience. ‘Optimise the gear selection more efficiently’ Pär Bergstrand, the heavy-duty transmission manager at Volvo Trucks, said: &...[Read More]

Trevor Pye Transport celebrates Volvo FH fleet return

Celebratory FH marks return to Volvo for Trevor Pye Transport.