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HGV or LGV – Know the Difference

What is the difference between HGV or LGV training terms? The Short term answer would be, there is no particular difference between HGV & LGV licence, which means both terms are the same. (HGV) – Heavy Goods Vehicle happens to be an old term & (LGV) – Large Goods Vehicle is the latest term used by European Union. But, since the history of licencing vehicles, these terms state some facts to clear the confusion, let’s find out where the HGV or LGV terms originated from. Where did the terms originate from? Just as the word ‘Licence’ with ‘c’ is a UK convention for nouns rather than ‘License’ with ‘s’ which is a verb in the US, the terms HGV or LGV are nothing but conventions abbreviated through time. HGV OR LGV? HGV ...[Read More]

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what’s the difference between an HGV or LGV licence? Or what’s the difference between HGV or LGV Class 1 and 2?

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