4 benefits of social media for truckers

Whatever your views on Facebook’s data privacy policy (or rather, lack of it), if you’re not already signed up to a social media platform, you may want to consider it. Here’s why...

4 ways to show truckers you care

It sounds too good to be true, but I think people might be grasping just how important driving a truck really is. Not only are there the hashtags such as #thankatrucker on Twitter and the ATA’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in September each year, but there’s also an underlying sense that people are beginning to get it.

It’s shocking what 28 years of sun damage can do

We probably all apply sun cream when we hit the beach, but how many of us wear it all day, every day?

5 tips for healthy eating on the road

When driving long distances, it’s easy to swing by a truck stop and grab a bite to eat. But while this may be convenient, the food you end up eating is often as pricey as it is unhealthy.