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When is My MOT Due? – FleetSpeak Explains

Operating your vehicle without an MOT is illegal in the UK. Therefore, it’s necessary to know when your MOT is due. Missing out on the test can be very stressful because of the unnecessary and time-consuming consequences drivers face. Not to mention the follow-up processes are expensive to handle. Ministry of Transport (MOT) is a department introduced in 1960, carried out by the UK government to certify vehicle safety tests, exhaust emissions, and roadworthiness of HGVs, trailers and cars of all types. Getting an MOT for heavy goods vehicles, buses or trailers. You will need to get an MOT (otherwise called an ‘annual test’) if your HGV, bus or trailer is: A goods vehicle with a GW of more than 3,500 kg. A vehicle built or adapted to construct as a part of an articulated v...[Read More]