New Generation DAF XFs

Abbey Logistics tanker fleet is boosted with New Generation DAF XFs

Bulk powder and liquid specialist, Abbey Logistics, has taken delivery of seven New Generation DAF XF 450 FTP tractor units, as part of its ongoing fleet replenishment programme.  The new trucks continue the long-standing relationship between DAF Trucks and Abbey Logistics. Also joining the fleet are four previous generation DAF XFs. Abbey Logistics is the UK’s largest transport provider of bulk liquid and bulk powder food, and their new trucks will serve some of the UK’s and Europe’s key food producers.  They join an existing fleet of around 350 tractor units and nearly 700 purpose-designed tankers. ‘A successful fleet truck’ Dave Patten, the managing director at Abbey Logistics, said: “A successful fleet truck is one that our drivers will tak...[Read More]

John Pearce Glynneath takes two New Generation DAF XFs

Two New Generation DAF XF 480 FTGs have been delivered to the haulier, John Pearce Glynneath.