5G smart roads are coming

Finland and China are expected to have functioning smart roads in the coming few years, and the UK government has prioritised the rollout of 5G services.

£30 million of cocaine in frozen meat truck

More than 300kg of cocaine has been found disguised as frozen meat in the back of a truck.

Fleet Speak took over Convoy in the Park

In August at Donington Park in the UK, Fleet Speak attended Convoy in the Park – a celebration of all things trucks.

Trucks are getting longer – and that’s a good thing

The road haulage industry needs to reduce its CO2 emissions and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has a plan.

Trucker stops runaway truck

A German trucker has been hailed a hero after he leaped into a moving tractor-trailer after its driver collapsed and died at the wheel.

World’s first electrified roadway in Germany

Germany has launched the world’s first electrified truck route.

The politics of trucking

Trucking and politics aren’t two things you’d normally associate with one another.

Investing in trucking is all the rage

Did you hear? Trucking is going to be a $1 trillion industry by 2024.

Driverless truck let loose on Sweden’s roads

A driverless delivery truck is being used on public roads in Sweden.

UK’s youngest female truck driver

A Scottish fashion student has become the youngest female truck driver in the UK.

Lorry driver stopped on Motorway for using Lucozade bottle as rear indicator light

This is a funny one for sure and hopefully our readers wouldn’t do anything like this.   A truck was stopped by the police the other day due to one of its indicator lights catching their attention. Let’s just say, it was unusual! The HGV on the M62 near Bradford had its indicator light replaced with a Lucozade bottle, yes exactly, the energy drink you used to drink when you were a kid and unwell. The driver used his initiative and cut into shape and sellotaped the bottle at the back of the lorry’s left indicator. To spot the – no doubt – original bottle of Lucozade was “Traffic Dave”, a traffic cop working for the West Yorkshire Police and often posting eccentric incidents like this on Twitter. He also joked on the social network about the perfect colour match the bottle had wi...[Read More]

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