Poll Results

Exclusive Report: Is driving a truck good for your health?

A healthy truck driver sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? A job which requires you to sit down all day long doesn’t exactly scream health and fitness. Plenty of truck drivers experience all sorts of health issues during their years behind the wheel – and we wanted to find out which are the most common. We asked the question: ‘since being a truck driver what ailments and illnesses have you gained?’ in an online poll. Here’s what you told us: Obesity: 38% Back injuries 27% Depression and loneliness: 20% Sleep apnoea: 4.6% Diabetes: 5.3% Arthritis and deep vein thrombosis also made it onto the list as conditions truckers have to put up with as part of the day job. Just 3.5% of those questioned said that their health hadn’t been affected by driving a truck. Obesity takes the top spot, with 3...[Read More]

Results: Which UK truck company is the best and why?

Long since the birth of the trucking industry, working conditions, the type and comfort of trucks available and suitable working hours have been hotly debated topics. Truckers should feel their value within a company and be rewarded for their efforts accordingly. A fairly simple thought process? Possibly not… We asked the question, ‘Which UK truck company is the best and why?’ in an online poll, gaining over 200 responses. The results were as follows: Royal Mail: 56.7% Stobart Group: 9.5% None: 9.5% XPO Logistics: 4.5% DHL: 3.5% UPS: 3.5% The remaining votes were distributed among other companies such as Gist, ARGO Merchants, DPD, Stan Robinson, Salvatori, Maritime Transport LTD, Welch’s, Hovis, CWM Transport, Surefreight, Brit European Transport, TBL, Menzies, GE Smith, Aldi, Waberer’s, W...[Read More]