road safety

Just 4% of RHA members believe Driver CPC should remain in its current state

Just 4% of Road Haulage Association members believe Driver CPC should remain in its current state.

Unite union slams cabotage rules change

The union Unite has warned the government that its lorry driving cabotage rules change will be risking road safety in the UK.

Longer lorries permitted for use on the UK’s roads

The government says that longer lorries could be on the UK's roads from early 2022.

Plan to extend HGV driver hours criticised

A government plan to extend HGV driver hours temporarily has been criticised by industry leaders.

Truck firms urged to train tyre technicians

Continental Tyres says that the training of tyre technicians should be a priority for all trucking firms to reduce costs and boost road safety.

‘Zoom zombies’ a menace on the road

The coronavirus pandemic may have led to fewer vehicles on the road over the past year, but driving could be more dangerous than ever.

Go left: Motorway safety campaign launched by Highways England

A new campaign designed to encourage drivers to ‘go left’ if they break down on the motorway has been launched by Highways England.

5 ways to stay safe as an HGV or LGV driver

Driving an HGV or LGV requires care and attention. It’s important to stay safe on the road and keep security front of mind.

10,000 drivers caught tailgating

To anyone who spends time behind the wheel, it’s no surprise to learn that tailgating is a common occurrence. New cameras are being trialled in the UK to catch drivers who tailgate. In the first two weeks of the pilot scheme, the cameras caught around 10,000 drivers committing the offence. A joint effort by the police and Highways England, the scheme is being used to tackle tailgating, which is a factor in around one in eight casualties on England’s motorways and A-roads. In 2018, more than 130 people were killed or seriously injured as a result of people driving too close to the vehicle ahead. One video, captured by a camera in the back of a car, captures a truck driver tailgating through motorway roadworks. Soon, anyone caught driving too close to the vehicle ahead will be sent a letter ...[Read More]

‘Intelligent’ mapping service planned to create safer roads

Vehicle-mounted image recognition technology is being used on Britain’s roads to create ‘intelligent’ maps of roadside assets.

Calls for better road safety after runaway tyre incident

A runaway tyre which smashed into a truck on the UK’s M42 has prompted calls for better road safety.

No need to speed: Road Safety Week 2020

The ‘How safe are the streets where you live’ survey questioned more than 1,700 members of the public, concluding that the majority of residents feel speeding is a problem in their area.