Walkaround checks being ignored by HGV drivers

New research suggests that the majority of HGV drivers are failing to carry out walkaround checks of their vehicle before getting behind the wheel.

Cybersecurity could be trucking’s worst nightmare

Picture the scene. You’re driving a truck along a busy road, when suddenly the engine cuts out without warning. In a cab packed with technology, there were no red lights and no warning signs that something was about to happen.

Preventing cargo theft – hi-tech or lo-tech?

There was a time when cargo thieves targeted big-ticket goods. Not anymore. Today, thieves seem intent on targeting trailers filled with low value items such as food and drink. But this isn’t the only shift in tactics, criminals are smarter in how they use technology to get what they want – and carriers need to follow suit if they are to keep thieves at bay.

Could dash cams change the trucking industry?

In Russia, more than one million drivers have dash cams installed in their vehicles purely to help prevent police corruption. It’s a trend that has caught on around the world - but for other reasons.

Dashcams in trucking: All eyes on the road

The so-called ‘crash for cash’ phenomenon is an enduring problem. According to figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the insurance industry pays out £392 million each year against such cases.