8 road safety tips for truckers

We all know that driver error is the main cause of road accidents.

5 tips to avoid distracted driving

We all know how dangerous it is to get distracted on the road, but it can happen in an instant.

5 tips for reducing stress while driving

Working odd hours, sleeping in uncomfortable surroundings, being away from home for weeks at a time.

Truckers share safety tips

Truck drivers in the US have shared safety tips as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week.

5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Van Organised

Think about how many hours you waste per month, over even per year, by having to look for the right tool in the back of your van or by needing to unload and load equipment because you can’t reach the kit you need. 

Finding lorry driver jobs and HGV driving jobs near me

Getting a new job, whether that is an HGV driver job, a lorry driver job or something entirely different is always a challenge. Not just the application process but just finding job opportunities near you can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips on how to find truck driver jobs in your area. Experiment with terminology First of all, there is a range of ways companies might be describing the job you’re looking for. Think for instance about the use of lorry, truck, HGV, etc. So when you’re using search engines like Google or the search function on a job site, make sure you try out the different variations. Also think about search terms that are slightly wider than just the job such as transport, logistics, haulage, etc.  Secondly, do the same for the location. Try out your city but also your...[Read More]

5 ways to beat road rage

As a professional driver, traffic jams are just part of the day job. But the more congested the roads, the more stressful the driving experience.

5 money-saving tips for truckers

It’s not easy being a truck driver, but it’s even harder being a skint one. The issue of measly wages aside, life on the road can be expensive.

5 most annoying driving habits

Jeez. What is it with drivers?