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Does EU border truck driver traffic tell the whole story?

Despite the concerns about post-Brexit delays at Dover, most truck drivers are border ready.

Tech that’s making trucking safer

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the trucking industry is a huge fan of tech. After all, it’s hard to embrace something that’s threatening to take away your job. But even the biggest opponent of tech must be able to see how technology has the potential to improve our lives. From healthcare to agriculture, tech is being used in many industries in so many ways. Autonomous trucks aside, there’s all sorts of cutting-edge tech that makes the trucking industry a safer, more efficient place to work. Here’s some of the tech that’s making trucking safer for truck drivers. 1 Cameras There are lots of ways cameras can make driving a truck safer. The first thing to note is just how sensitive camera technology has become. As well as being able to identify hazards on the road (including other vehicles, ...[Read More]

Campaign to tackle truck driver mental health

The newly-launched CALM Driver campaign aims to raise awareness of truck drivers’ mental health. A collaborative effort between Driving for Better Business (DfBB), Highways England and the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the campaign also wants to reduce the stigma surrounding the subject. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the suicide rate for truck drivers is 20% higher than the national average. The combination of unpredictable journey times, traffic congestion, tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and limited social interaction is affecting the mental health of truck drivers of all ages. Speaking about the new campaign, Mark Cartwright, head of commercial vehicle incident prevention at Highways England, said: “Drivers who get behind the wheel whe...[Read More]

What you need to know about TFFPD: the charity organisation for truck drivers

People in the transport community know how hard driving a truck is: long hours to drive ahead, a cold cab as home for the night and away from their families most of the time. Moreover, for some unfortunate drivers, terrible accidents occur while on the road, ending up with life-changing injuries or worse, loss of life. Most of time, when such unfortunate events happen, drivers find themselves unaided, without a job and the ability to provide for their families. In this scenario the Fund for Professional Drivers, a non profit organisation, can help. We had a chat with Stephen Spalding, founder of the Fund for Professional Drivers and found out a little more about what he’s doing to help the community.   Where did you get this idea from? As a truck driver myself, I’ve been tramping for ...[Read More]

Lorry driver stopped on Motorway for using Lucozade bottle as rear indicator light

This is a funny one for sure and hopefully our readers wouldn’t do anything like this.   A truck was stopped by the police the other day due to one of its indicator lights catching their attention. Let’s just say, it was unusual! The HGV on the M62 near Bradford had its indicator light replaced with a Lucozade bottle, yes exactly, the energy drink you used to drink when you were a kid and unwell. The driver used his initiative and cut into shape and sellotaped the bottle at the back of the lorry’s left indicator. To spot the – no doubt – original bottle of Lucozade was “Traffic Dave”, a traffic cop working for the West Yorkshire Police and often posting eccentric incidents like this on Twitter. He also joked on the social network about the perfect colour match the bottle had wi...[Read More]

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