Trucks in trouble

Luckily, it’s not something that happens often, but trucks can get into all sorts of scrapes. A quick Google search reveals a few recent incidents… A truck carrying barrels of cider in the UK caught fire recently and was ‘well alight’ by the time firefighters arrived at the scene. It took them about an hour to put out the fire and no one was injured. Mind you, a lot of cider was wasted. Meanwhile, in the US a number of trucks ended up being swallowed up in Florida when the ground beneath them opened up. Several trucks fell victim to a sinkhole that is estimated to be at least 30-feet wide. Finally, a classic truck predicament – hitting a bridge. Over to Ireland for this one. The driver of a truck carrying heavy machinery hit the underside of a railway bridge causing a JCB to fall into the ...[Read More]

Truck price fixing hearing set for June

The hearing to decide whether truck cartel compensation claims can go ahead will be heard in June. An order has been issued to earmark 3-7 June for the Competition Appeal Tribunal to decide on the application to bring collective claims.

The 8 best trucks at Truck Fest

When we heard that Peterborough was hosting the Truck Fest during the early May bank holiday, we couldn’t help but go and check what this Fest was all about. Of course the name “Truck Fest” pretty much gave it away, but we ultimately found ourselves amazed at the assortment of entertainment, displays and vehicles on show. Hence our decision to select, in our opinion, the 7 “Best Looking” trucks that where on display.

BYD takes on trucks

BYD Auto, the Chinese electric car manufacturer is branching out from buses to trucks. Recently launched in Spain, the pedestrian pallet truck was one of a number of new BYD vehicles. These electric trucks and vans are already sold in China and other markets, but not in Europe. BYD have confirmed that it will be launching a range of 100% electric heavy vehicles. Speaking about the launch, Isbrand Ho, managing director, of BYD Europe, said: “This is a highly significant step for BYD.” He continued by saying the company was confident that its etrucks would win sales success even though the European sector is intensely competitive. Javier Contijoch, vice president of sales at BYD Europe, added: “BYD established its European electric truck division in 2018 and has since tested two of its proto...[Read More]

Daimler to add hands-free driving to trucks

The shift towards autonomous vehicles shows no sign of slowing. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, Daimler Trucks announced it was adding a hands- and foot-free driving capability to the latest version of its Freightliner Cascadia truck.

Is electric truck technology making progress?

Unlike light vehicles, the commercial vehicle sector has largely avoided the emissions scandal. However, there is increasing political pressure to regulate heavy-duty CO2 emissions.

Renault’s 2019 models comply with CO2 emissions regs

Renault’s Euro-6 Step D-compliant drivelines for its new 2019 models deliver fuel savings compared to current generation trucks.

DAF’s oldest commercial use truck

After launching an international search, DAF has finally located the brand’s oldest truck still in commercial use.

Nikola electric road tractor planned for Europe

Nikola Tre is a fully electric hydrogen-powered cab tractor that is being developed with European markets in mind.

EU truck makers sued over price-fixing

A group of European truck manufacturers are facing a £100 million legal claim of price-fixing.

Modular trucks: solution or risk?

Huge trucks aren’t usually considered ‘green’, but modular trucks are moving towards the centre of discussions about cutting CO2 emissions.

Emissions concerns for Volvo Group may result in recalls

In October Volvo Group discovered that parts of its emissions control systems are degrading “more quickly than expected”. As a result, engines in Volvo trucks could be failing legal limits for emissions.