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Tartanned Iveco S-Way joins McWilliam’s fleet

The JG McWilliam fleet has taken delivery of an Iveco S-Way - complete with tartan livery.

This is the new Iveco S-Way that is joined the JG McWilliam fleet in Huntly, Aberdeenshire – complete with its tartan livery.

The family-owned general haulier has previously run several Iveco Stralis trucks on contract hire, and they have now bought their first S-Way, along with its traditional Scottish tartan livery.

The new truck is an S-Way 6×2 tractor that sits on full air suspension with a steering mid-lift axle and Alcoa Dura-bright alloy wheels. 

The boldly styled AS sleeper cab has been treated to the haulier’s distinctive and classic two-tone blue colour scheme with a bright tartan ribbon running around its waistline and up the side spoilers.

The chassis, wheel hubs, fuel and air tanks, door mirrors and external sun visor have also been colour-coded to match, while white bumper inlays, a backlit fleet sign and the matt-chrome front grille kit have been fitted from the Iveco accessories catalogue.

McWilliam Iveco S-Way

The McWilliam Iveco S-Way is powered by the range-topping 12.9-litre Cursor 13, producing 570hp and torque of 2,500Nm.

Power is delivered using the automated 12-speed Hi-Tronix transmission with the firm’s Hi-Cruise GPS predictive drive.

The GPS boosts the gearbox’s ability to forward plan for undulating terrain, while Rocking Mode provides its driver with a safety net should they encounter a low-grip situation, or venture away from the tarmac in winter.

The truck has been supplied by AM Philip in Forfar and comes with a standard two-year Iveco ON connected 3XL R&M package.

Bruce McWilliam, the firm’s transport manager, said: “We’ve run the previous generation Iveco heavy truck before, and they proved to be good, reliable trucks. We’ve been impressed with the fuel economy so decided to add an S-Way to our fleet.

“So far, we’ve had really good feedback from the driver. It is comfortable, quiet and has plenty of power for the hills. The cab is a nice place to live.”

‘Positive experience with the brand’

He added: “We’ve had a very positive experience with the brand and AM Phillip provided a great level of communication while the truck was being prepared in their workshops before it went on the road. It’ll probably cover around 900,000kms over the next seven to eight years.”

In preparation for poor visibility in Highland winters and unlit roads at night, full-LED lighting equips the driver with 15% improved hazard perception with a crisper beam pattern and ‘bending’ ability. 

Not only is LED lighting more efficient and longer-lasting than conventional filament units, but it also helps to give the Iveco S-Way its identity with swooping daytime running lights and turn indicators.

And with drivers spending days away at a time, top-level comfort has been considered with a leather interior, door blinds, bunk curtains, ambient lighting, night heater, navigation and automatic climate control.

The 2.15metre standing space has been supplemented with additional under-cab lockers and market-leading fridge/freezer space giving a total of nearly 630-litres of storage. 

A swivelling passenger seat, wide top bunk and T-shaped double-ended reclining lower bunk make for relaxed living and an engaging workspace.

JG McWilliam operates a wide range of trailers and has ensured the S-Way is compatible with all operations. 

Fitted with an extended catwalk and a ZF PTO, this truck will be predominantly hauling tipper trailers – and a digital axle load measurement system safeguards its driver with complete payload clarity when carrying heavy loads.

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