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Tech that’s making trucking safer

Tech that’s making trucking safer

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the trucking industry is a huge fan of tech. After all, it’s hard to embrace something that’s threatening to take away your job.

But even the biggest opponent of tech must be able to see how technology has the potential to improve our lives. From healthcare to agriculture, tech is being used in many industries in so many ways.

Autonomous trucks aside, there’s all sorts of cutting-edge tech that makes the trucking industry a safer, more efficient place to work.

Here’s some of the tech that’s making trucking safer for truck drivers.

1 Cameras

There are lots of ways cameras can make driving a truck safer. The first thing to note is just how sensitive camera technology has become. As well as being able to identify hazards on the road (including other vehicles, street furniture and pedestrians), they can also act as wing mirrors and work hand-in-hand with other safety features. This makes cameras a vital part of a truck’s overall safety profile. In-cab cameras are another big step forward in safety, not just monitoring the truck driver, but also protecting the driver in the event of an accident so they don’t take all the blame. As soon as a truck driver gets behind the wheel, their visibility is immediately impaired, but cameras can help with blind spots and other hard-to-see spaces.

2 Collision avoidance tech

A truck driver is automatically at a disadvantage when an accident takes place. The sheer size and weight of a truck means the other vehicle often comes off worse – whoever was actually at fault. Using sensors placed around the truck, advanced collision avoidance technology is able to sense potential danger and take emergency action to avoid a crash.

3 Quality GPS

Having a reliable, up-to-date GPS system in a cab can make a huge difference for any truck driver. So much of the job relies on fast, informed delivery, it’s handy to know the fastest way to get places. By making use of dynamic routing, which is updated if an original route becomes blocked or slow, GPS is as good for the truck driver as it is for the business.

4 Apps

There are all sorts of must-have apps for truck drivers. Whether you want to get you from A to B faster, find a parking space, stay healthy, or get the job done more efficiently, there’s definitely going to be an app for that… Find the ones that work for you and stick with them. They are there to make the trucking industry safer and more efficient.

5 Autonomous vehicles

I know, I know. Telling you how great self-driving trucks are is not what you want to hear. But hear me out… Research tells us that the majority of road accidents are the result of driver error. Autonomous vehicles are one way to reduce those numbers – so long as the technology is not left to its own devices. Technology makes it possible for autonomous features to take over from humans to avoid danger (if a truck is drifting into another lane). And it can also take over for convenience (automated parking).

Everyone wants a trucking industry that’s as safe as possible. If technology can move us in the right direction, then all the better…

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