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TFL Scrappage Scheme for HGVs

tfl scrappage scheme

If you are driving a ULEZ non-compliant HGVs or vans i.e., vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW, or busses & coaches over 5 tonnes GVW, you are eligible for the Scheme.

If you’ve already applied for the TFL Scrappage Scheme and received a confirmation on the eligibility letter, you can go further to scrap your vehicle and submit your evidence to claim the granted payment of £15,000.


Note: Keep in mind due to unrivalled demand with limited funds the above heavy vehicles are suspended for new applicants. You can find more information about the TfL scrappage scheme here.

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Who is Eligible for the TFL Scrappage Scheme?

Before finding out if your vehicle is eligible for the TFL Scrappage Scheme, you must check if your vehicle meets certain safety & emissions standards to drive in London. If not, you might be obligated to pay charges on a daily basis.

That being said, only small businesses & charities with the largest employee rate of 50 can apply for the TFL Scrappage Scheme funds for up to three heavy goods vehicles, vans, buses or coaches.

As the LEZ emissions standards have now become quite tough than ULEZ emission standards from March 2021, below are some organization criteria to find out if you are eligible for the Scheme.

Dwarf-Businesses Must Have:

  • At least 10 employees.
  • Should have up to £632k turnover OR £316k total balance sheet in the current & further financial year.
  • The company should be registered as active in the UK OR must be VAT registered in the UK.

Businesses Upto £10.2 Annual Turnover:

  • Employees: 50 or fewer.
  • Balance Sheet of total more than 5.1 million.
  • The company should be registered as active in the UK OR must be VAT registered in the UK.

sole trader must be a self-employed person who is an individual owner & operator of the business in the UK and charities must be registered as active charities with commissions.

Type-HGV Vehicles Eligible for TFL Scrappage Scheme

  1. Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), semi-small vans, specialist vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes. Busses & Coaches with a gross vehicle weight of over 5 tonnes (Including pre-Euro VI diesel vehicles) & are owned by a valid organization existing for more than 365 days before the TFL Scrappage Scheme i.e: Sep 28th 2020.
  2. Insured & road taxed for business purposes.
  3. Is compliant for secure scrapping at the Metropolitan or Perivale Police Pounds.

Grant Payments for TFL Scrappage Scheme

Scrapping & Replacement of a non-compliant ULEZ HGV, Specialist Vehicle, Heavy Van or Busses & Coach will be granted an approximate amount of £15,000.

While, If one of the above criteria hasn’t been fulfilled, You can still apply if your wanna-be scrap vehicle has been driven within the Main London Area at least 26 times in time between March 28 – September 28 in 2020. Valid evidence of all your travel ventures will be needed in the form of documents including the delivery sheets or your vehicle’s tracker data.


To see the TFL Scrappage Guidance Notes, consult the Transport for London official Page.

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