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The £2.5m digital freight start-up flying under the radar

The £2.5m digital freight start-up flying under the radar

Have you heard of the digital freight platform Zeus? Neither had we. Yet the platform has been stealthily working its way into the hearts of hauliers and their clients, across a variety of sectors.

Four weeks ago, one of our contacts started collaborating with the elusive logistics start-up and from what we’ve heard, it might be a game-changer. Zeus allegedly boasts a vehicle tracker, app-based Proof of delivery (PODs) and an extensive scheduling system – all for free. It seems like their customers aren’t the only ones excited about Zeus’ future.

Despite only having launched a few months ago, the UK-based business has already secured £2.5 million in funding from prominent angel investors and some of the biggest companies in the transport industry. 

‘Go big or go home’ *

seems to be the all-round motto for Zeus, including its people strategy. In addition to their experienced core team, they have poached Sam McGuirk from his position as UK Country Director at freight booker OnTruck and put him in charge of growth and commercial development. Sam played a pivotal part in turning around OnTruck’s UK business and launching its FTL (full truckload shipping) service offering.

We reached out to Jai Kanwar, one of Zeus’ co-founders, who told us more about the reason they started the company: 

“I’m surprised you found us, but not surprised our customers are talking about us. It’s really early days, but we’re very positive about the product. We’ve been working on the platform and services for two years now. A lot of thought has gone into it. We wanted to build something that made a difference to truckers. So we spent a lot of time listening to the woes of the industry. We don’t claim to solve them all but we’re definitely doing our best!”.

While Zeus is still humbly keeping a low profile for now (sorry Jai!), we don’t think they will be able to keep their platform a secret for much longer…

*And Zeus is not going home any time soon!

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