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The 8 best trucks at Truck Fest

The 8 best trucks at Truck Fest

When we heard that Peterborough was hosting the Truck Fest during the early May bank holiday weekend, we couldn’t help but go and check what this Fest was all about. Of course the name “Truck Fest” pretty much gave it away, but we ultimately found ourselves amazed at the assortment of entertainment, displays and vehicles on show.

Hence our decision to select, in our opinion, the 8 “Best Looking” trucks that where on display.

8. The “Men in Black” beast

Amongst all the fantastic trucks on display, this one definitely caught our attention therefore
earning it a place on our list. Owned by In Transit Transport Services, the painting of this
beauty took 4 weeks to complete. The wait was however definitely worth it.

7. Smurfalicious

Yes, you read that correctly. Whether you where there with your kids, or by yourself, one would have to agree that this is genius! Who’s never heard of or simply just loves The Smurfs? The truck was bought by Rosalind and Kevin, both incredibly passionate about these tiny blue creatures, ultimately transforming it into what it is now. “We spent lots of money on the engine to make it roadworthy, but at some point we decided to decorate it and exhibit it in shows”, explained Kevin, an idea that we would most certainly consider to have successfully achieved the “Wow Factor”


6. The “I See You” truck

If during 2009 you were glued to the big screen watching Avatar, and we say why not either, jamming to the tune of “I see you” by Leona Lewis (guilty pleasure, I’ll admit it!), then you will absolutely LOVE this truck. With all the main characters from the movie and the accompanying blue shades on the truck, it definitely sets the mood for the sequel coming out in December 2020. PJ Bray Transport Limited – owners of the truck – reminded us to pin the date in the calendar!

5. The Buzz-Light Truck

The big red truck stunningly decorated with our favorite characters from “Toy Story”. The truck, owned by Terry Peach LTD, also had Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear displayed on the front. It definitely brought back some memories and the kids loved it too.

4. Guardian of the Trucks

This truck is a comic geek’s dream, as it was for me too! The amazing design sets your mood straight into space. Transit transport services owns this truck as well, and informed us that it cost £12,000 and took six weeks to paint. The front also shows Star-Lord & Gamora in a passionate kissing moment. We love a bit of romanticism among our fellow truckers.

3. The Siberian Express

Roar-some! Painted black in colour and the choice of a tiger undeniably results in an elegant and premium touch to this vehicle. When asked why the choice of a tiger, James Richardson, owner of the truck and company Richardson Transport LTD, replied: “I have always loved tigers, they are amazing animals”.

2. The Joker

This truck won our hearts and it indeed has everything: bright colours, superheroes, a boom!, chicks and most of all, the Avengers. Owned by Mr. Templeton, the truck goes around the UK delivering goods and was one of the highlights of the Fest, with large crowds constantly photographing this beauty.


1. The “Apollo Brut”

Despite this “Brut” of a truck having no movie stars on display, we loved the Apollo Tyres Ltd sponsored racing truck. The eye catching purple colour stood out from the crowd amongst the other plainly painted trucks and the attention to detail generally created a positive buzz and huge interest around the “Apollo” truck.

And just in case you hadn’t noticed – Our logo is proudly displayed on the truck! That definitely earns it a first place in our ranking.

What more can we say? We attended, we saw and we totally loved it! If you ever see these “Big Boys” out there on the road, offer them a wave – you’ll definitely be rewarded with a loud “Honk” in return!

The Truck Fest will be back the 15th and 16th of June in Wolsingham with more surprises for all you truck lovers out there.

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