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The lowdown on mirrorless trucks

The lowdown on mirrorless trucks

Taking your eyes off the road in order to change lanes has always been part of the driving experience. But with tech companies doing everything they can to make our lives simpler and safer, it was only a matter of time before they set their sights on the humble vehicle wing mirror.

New automotive video camera technology means mirrors on vehicles will soon be surplus to requirement.

Dutch company Orlaco launched its CornerEye product last year, which uses two high-definition cameras placed on either side of the cab. The driver is able to monitor blind spots, the view alongside the truck, and acute rear views on a split-screen monitor inside the cab.

The benefits of this digital video technology compared to traditional mirrors include blind spot reduction, night vision, trailer panning and wider fields of vision. Tests in Europe have also shown mirrorless trucks reduce fuel costs by around 2-3% a year. In short, greater safety and performance.

I have to say, using wing mirrors has never struck me as terribly dangerous, but I guess keeping your eyes on the road at all times does make sense.

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre: those three simple instructions we were all taught when we first got behind the wheel. But I guess monitor, signal, manoeuvre has still a pretty good ring to it.

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