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M6 Toll Prices and Services Explained

M6 Toll

Driving through the M6 Toll might save you a significant amount of time if you are willing to avoid congestion through Bermingham.

If you’ve ever driven through Birmingham on a largely crowded M6 motorway, you’ll understand why traffic planners are so into a northern relief road for the city.

The route was supposed to take the weight off the M6 Toll and comfort drives to London & the southeast for long-haul traffic heading from Liverpool and other northwest cities. Favouring the M6 toll route established in 1986, splitting off the M6 and rejoining the junctions 3a & 11a is around 27 miles in the distance.

Depending on where you are heading, it’s not always a good idea to drive into the area where the toll traffic has flown higher than initially predicted.

Which is good news for drivers who don’t mind rolling out but take into consideration of other factors like drivers inspecting the Toll compared to the toll route planning. Therefore, it pays to study the alternatives before deciding to set out.

When should you use the M6 Toll road?

While travelling from the country’s northeast side to London & the southeast, the M6 Toll is designed to serve as an easier route for the traffic that drives past Bermingham.

The Toll is happened to be said as the prime through-route of the M6 motorway itself because the drivers heading north or south find themselves directed effortlessly on the toll road, which in this case makes perfect sense.

While Keeping up on the M6 motorway, avoiding the toll altogether feels like passing off the M6 because of the two straight-ahead lanes taking you onto the Toll via the left-hand lane.

This eventually leads drivers to take the Toll mistakenly. Even when using a sat-nav, you’ll be automatically directed to the toll route because it’s speedy unless you turn off toll roads in your system setup to avoid the M6 Toll altogether.

You can’t use M6 Toll if you are heading from South West simply because it doesn’t connect to the M5. Meanwhile, if you are heading to the southwest through M6, you need to be extra careful to avoid ending up on the M6 Toll by mistake. If you do end up, you have to pay the Toll and possibly get carried away miles away off your route towards the southwest.

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M6 Toll Charges

The M6 Toll charges vary on various aspects like your vehicle type, size & your time of travel.

The vehicle class is mentioned below.

  1. Class 1: Motorbikes
  2. Class 2: Cars
  3. Class 3: Cars with Trailers
  4. Class 4: Vans and Motorhomes
  5. Class 5: HGVs and Coaches

There are standard rates on day and night from the morning till evening and also discounted off-peak periods during the morning and evening.

Weekend charges are split into standard day & night rates, whereas exiting any M6 Toll junction along the route (without hitting the end) will reduce the charge.

Weekday M6 Toll charges for Vans and Motorhomes

Day 7 am-7 pm£12.50£11.30
Off-Peak Morning 5 am-7 am Evening 7 pm-11 pm£12.30£11.10
Night (11pm-5am)£9.70£8.40

Weekend M6 Toll charges for Vans and Motorhomes

Day 5am-11pm£11.10£9.90
Night (11pm-5am)£9.70£8.40

Weekday M6 Toll charges for HGV and Coach

Day 7 am-7 pm£12.90£11.80
Off-Peak Morning 5 am-7 am Evening 7 pm-11 pm£12.80£11.60
Night (11pm-5am)£10.00£8.70

Weekend M6 Toll charges for HGV and Coach

Day 5am-11pm£11.50£10.30
Night (11pm-5am)£10.00£8.70

The journey will be discounted by five percent if you pay using TAG (Read Further)

How should you pay the M6 Toll?

The M6 operator has mainline toll ‘plazas’ (roads with traffic light controlled toll booths) at the north and south ends of the motorway. These toll plazas are located in Weeford Park for southbound drivers (among T4 & T3 junctions) and going northbound at Great Wyrley (among T6 & T7 junctions)

On the M6 Toll, local junction plazas with slight opportunities to leave the Toll, is located at junction T3 or Langley Mill for Sutton Coldfield & A38. The T5 for Shenstone & Lichfield and the T6 or Burntwood for Cannock & the A5. T4 or Weeford junction for Tamworth, A5 & A38.

Approaching the central plaza, you will see reduced speed limit signs where the road splits into numerous lanes where you will either see direct Card Payments or a TAG symbol displayed above it. If the lane is closed, you will further see a red cross sign.

M6 Toll TAG Payments

TAG is mounted on your vehicle’s widescreen, which is an electronic device allowing drivers to cruise through the lane without stopping. The charges are debited automatically from your account, which should always be in credit to work seamlessly.

There is even a five percent discount on each journey to encourage drivers to pay using TAG so you can keep your account details and charges up to date online.

M6 Toll card payments

You can also opt to pay your M6 Toll charge using your credit, debit or fuel card. You can explore all the relevant contactless payments options while Android and Apple Pay become available overtime.

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