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The rise of Electronic Logging Devices

The rise of Electronic Logging Devices

Long wait times have been the scourge of the trucking industry. In research conducted by DAT Solutions, 63% of the owner-operators and carriers questioned reported drivers spending more than three hours waiting to load or unload freight. I’ve heard of some drivers having to wait six hours – and that’s just not on.

Even though we all know two hours is the maximum wait time before a penalty is incurred, just 3% of those surveyed said they received these fees on 90% of their claims. However you look at it, that’s not great.

Electronic logging devices (or ELDs) place greater emphasis on wait times. By electronically tracking and recording drivers’ hours of service, companies can be choosier about the shippers they work with – dropping any that repeatedly cause delays.

In terms of logging drivers’ hours, the reaction to ELDs has been mixed. Some owner-operators feel they prevent them from staying competitive in what is undoubtedly a highly competitive industry. Others see them as a way to stay competitive by reducing driver turnover and the cost to replace a workforce each year.

One thing is certain: ELDs have the potential to completely transform drivers’ lives, and I for one wouldn’t argue against that.

Do you have experience of ELDs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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