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The smart card keeping HGV drivers safe

The smart card keeping HGV drivers safe

A smartcard that helps to improve HGV driver safety has now reached a major landmark.

The smartcard is part of a rollout of new fleet technology by Tarmac and they’ve now handed out their 10,000 HGV OneCard.

The firm, which runs one of the largest HGV fleets in the UK, says that the card will improve driver safety, boost customer confidence and help with training.

The card is provided by Reference Point and captures data information on the driver’s credentials and their training history.

There’s also a record of their key qualifications, including CPC hours.

HGV drivers are complying with necessary legislation

Tarmac points out that as well as ensuring that their HGV drivers are complying with necessary legislation, the system helps to make their supply chains more efficient and helps with site safety checks.

Customers also get to enjoy improved competency and quality assurance.

The cloud-based platform was unveiled in 2018 for Tarmac delivery drivers and hauliers and is available as a smartcard, or as a virtual card to be read digitally on a mobile phone.

Each card has been personalised for each driver with identification technologies and fraud protection fully integrated.

‘Boost safety and enhance productivity’

Tarmac’s smartcard project manager, Phil Ramsden, said: “As a leading responsible business we’re always looking for ways to boost safety and enhance productivity, as well as introducing technology that allows us to improve customer experience. 

“It’s impossible to imagine not having OneCard now. We have taken steps to improve our business by changing the way we manage driver compliance, engagement and training, and made data available within seconds. 

“Our drivers also love the card as it saves the time completing paperwork and holding multiple different licences.”

The 10,000th recipient of the OneCard was Michael James Godber who works for the haulier contractor Basra Trucking Ltd at the firm’s Snodland asphalt plant in Kent.

‘Tarmac has shown great commitment’

A director of Reference Point, Tanya Morris, said: “Tarmac has shown great commitment to what OneCard could bring the business since launch. 

“I am delighted to see them reach this major milestone in cardholder numbers and look forward to seeing what Tarmac will do next with the system to make further use of its functionality to underpin workforce safety and effectiveness, such as direct messaging to cardholders.”

Remote monitoring for emergency services

Meanwhile, Airmax Remote and vehicle conversion firm Ring Carnation have teamed up to deliver a fully connected switching and power management system.

The new offering is being aimed at the emergency services and the system ensures that critical devices can be remotely monitored for management purposes and to help operators ensure that their procedures are being followed and that their emergency vehicles are performing as designed to be.

The firms say that their solution will be rolled out to corporate fleets that have unique chassis builds.

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