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Fuel prices keep changing. Time for a fuel cost calculator…

Fuel Calculator: Fuel prices keep changing. Time for a fuel cost calculator…

Keeping on top of the fuel cost is virtually impossible. Whether it’s because of tax increases or events in the Middle East, prices are constantly fluctuating. And that means it’s hard to know what price you’ll pay next time you’re at the pump.

The global pandemic has made 2021 a challenging year, impacting everything from our mental health to petrol and diesel price. Prices dropped sharply during the initial coronavirus outbreak, rose steadily over the summer, and fell again with the second spike.

But it’s not just fuel prices affecting drivers. The national road pricing scheme being touted by Chancellor Rishi Sunak could see motorists being charged for every mile they drive on Britain’s roads.

There are no two ways about it. Driving can be an expensive business especially when you’re covering long distances, which comes with the territory as a truck driver.

Luckily, you can create some consistency to the cost of driving – such as using a fuel cost calculator.

The Fleet Speak fuel calculator can help you calculate how much diesel you will need per journey so you don’t come up against any nasty surprises on the route. To get the most out of using a journey cost calculator, you’ll need to keep an eye on fuel prices. 

We already know they never stay the same, but you’ll need to know the current price so you can add the cost per litre to the fuel calculator. It’s also handy to know so you don’t pay more for fuel than you have to.

As well as calculating fuel cost consumption for a truck, there are plenty of ways you can improve your fuel efficiency. Improving it by just one mile per litre can mean huge savings. Here are a few things to think about…

1 Fill up at lowest fuel cost stations

Knowing where the least expensive petrol stations are located means you never have to pay over the odds for fuel.

2 Don’t overfill the tank

A fuel tank filled to the max can expand and overflow. Don’t fill it to capacity and you won’t risk wasting fuel.

3 Avoid more stops than required

If you need to stop for fuel, you might as well get as much done during that stop as possible. Take a toilet break and buy any food or drink you need so you don’t have to stop again in a few hours.

4 Check tyre pressure

One way to guarantee low fuel economy is by having under-inflated tyres. Make sure your PSI is where it should be before every journey.

5 Drive smart

The lower the gear, the more fuel is used. Stay in a high gear where possible and use momentum instead of the accelerator when travelling down and up hills.

We don’t have to tell you how to do your job, but a quick refresher is always handy. Keep doing what you’re doing and make use of our fuel calculator when you need to. 

Stay safe out there and keep calculating those fuel costs.

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