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Truck drivers ‘treated like second class citizens’

Truck drivers ‘treated like second class citizens’

Truck drivers in the UK have been pulled up by an angling club in Staffordshire for using a local beauty spot as a toilet.

HGV drivers were given a ticking off by Chesterton Community Angling Club for leaving human waste and using the lake as a bathing facility. One extra hygienic driver was reported entering the water armed with a bottle of shower gel.

However, readers have jumped to the defence of the truckers.

Comments on the story after it was published included how truck drivers are charged £30 to park at some motorway services stations. All drivers want is to get some sleep and use the toilet during their working day, so it’s not surprising that they are looking for alternative options.

One truck driver commenting on the story wrote: “Too many truck stops and other facilities for truck drivers have closed over the last 20 years so it’s hardly surprising this is happening. We are key workers but we get treated like tramps.

“We were being clapped along with NHS workers a few short weeks ago. People should remember if it wasn’t for truckers there would be nothing on the shelves.”

Writing on Burton Mail’s Facebook page, Tina Maria Harrison said: “My husband is a truck driver and works nights, and he told me that there is nowhere for drivers to park up without it costing £30.”

“If a trucker took strike action the country would come to a standstill, no food for shops, no Amazon, Ebay, furniture, clothes. It’s about time these hardworking truckers got [the] respect they deserve.”

Other readers point out that UK facilities are often singled out as the worst in Europe, with one lorry driver saying, “we are treated like second class citizens.”

It’s about time the government and service area providers took action and gave truckers the respect (and facilities) they deserve.

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