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Truck tyres must be less than ten years old

Truck tyres must be less than ten years old

Tyres that are more than ten years old are to be banned from trucks, buses and coaches in the UK with the aim to boost road safety.

This decision by the UK government follows an investigation that revealed older tyres suffered from corrosion which could cause them to fail.

Under the new rules it will be illegal to fit tyres that are more than ten years old to the front of trucks, buses and coaches. The same rules will apply to any wheel on a minibus. 

Additional legislation, due in the autumn, will apply more restrictions to retreaded tyres to ensure the age of the tyre is clearly visible. 

Speaking about the new rules, roads minister Baroness Vere said: “In the same way that you wouldn’t drive a car with faulty brakes, ensuring your tyres are fit for purpose is crucial in making every journey safer.”

Drivers, owners and operators are responsible for the safety of their vehicles, and this now includes making sure their vehicle’s tyres meet the new rules.


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