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Trucker hailed a hero

The government says that longer lorries could be on the UK's roads from early 2022.

A truck driver has been hailed a hero after stopping under a bridge in Dublin in an attempt to save a young woman who appeared to be about to jump.

A photo taken by another driver shows the woman sitting on the edge of a bridge with a busy road below. It is unclear how long she had been there or what her intentions were, but seeing her sitting on the ‘wrong’ side of the railings with her legs hanging over the side, one trucker decided to take no chances.

The quick-thinking driver positioned his or her truck directly under the railings so if the girl did let go she would not fall onto the road below.

The truck driver – who has not been identified – has been praised for their actions.

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  1. There are wonderful people in the world. The man deserves a big pat on his back.❤️


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