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Trucker stops runaway truck

Trucker stops runaway truck

A German trucker has been hailed a hero after he leaped into a moving tractor-trailer after its driver collapsed and died at the wheel.

He successfully managed to bring the vehicle to a stop before it caused an accident or anyone was injured.

The 40-ton vehicle was scraping along a central barrier on the A1 Autobahn when it was spotted by truckers. They quickly set to action, working as a team to stop the runaway truck. While some created a slow-moving shield to prevent other vehicles from passing, one trucker attempted to board the moving driverless vehicle.

The trucker jumped from the bumper of a police van onto the truck, smashed the window, and took control of the vehicle.

Rescue teams were unable to resuscitate the vehicle’s driver.

Would you be able to keep such a cool head in a similar situation?

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  1. While that is wonderful could someone please explain just where are we supposed to park these things? Bays are tight enough with a regular trailer without these, us drivers spend up to an hour and a half bouncing in and out of truck parks motorway services etc which is costing more in fuel wastage and extra miles when we find out the place is full to bursting. When we do find a space they are going to be inadequately short meaning taking up two places doubling that problem of parking them. Surely we need more truck parking so we can follow the law rather than bigger trailers which will cause more problems than they solve


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