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Truckers denied option to wash hands

Truckers denied option to wash hands

Truck drivers in the UK are being told they cannot use toilet and handwashing facilities at hubs servicing major UK businesses. At a time when we are being told to wash our hands more frequently and for longer, this seems nonsensical.

A letter from Public Health England (PHE) has now been made available for drivers to produce when they are denied access to these facilities.

Images have also been circulated of drivers being told to sit in drivers’ waiting rooms rather than being allowed to wait in their cabs.

Managing Director of the Road Haulage Association Rod McKenzie said: “This behaviour from distribution centres is simply not acceptable. Preventing drivers from using toilets is illegal.

“Preventing them from accessing hygiene facilities during an international pandemic is absurd.”

Explaining his experience, one driver said: “I asked if as a driver I still had to sit in this so-called drivers’ rest room … surrounded by other drivers coughing and spluttering … and was told yes you do … you cannot sit in the cab due to health and safety regulations.”

While a photo of a notice pinned to the door of a toilet read: “Drivers. Given the current concerns over the coronavirus we must refuse you using the toilet due to the welfare of our employees. Thank you for your cooperation. The management.”

We should be helping one another during these difficult times.

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