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Truckers share safety tips

Truckers share safety tips

Truck drivers in the US have shared safety tips as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Share the Road – a group of professional truck drivers who boast millions of accident-free miles between them – have offered a number of safe-driving tips for motorists as well as the men and women working on the roads.

Share the Road truck driver Russ James said: “All drivers should take extra precaution in work zones, like slowing down, staying focused and maintaining safe following distances.”

The theme of this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week was ‘Drive like you work here’ and the safety advice included:

  •         Expect the unexpected
  •         Be patient and considerate
  •         Slow down
  •         Don’t tailgate
  •         Pay attention to warning signs
  •         Stay alert and avoid distracted driving
  •         Play your trip
  •         Be aware of blind spots

From a professional driver’s perspective, it’s all common sense. But once you’re on the road and see how some drivers behave, it’s clear that common sense doesn’t always prevail. 

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