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Truckers take umbrage with extra cyclists on the road

Truckers take umbrage with extra cyclists on the road

Let’s talk cyclists for a minute. Some lorry drivers have reported they’re seeing more of them on the road right now as people look for ways to avoid public transport and get some exercise. But this in itself is causing a few safety problems.

Many of the new cyclists, who have dusted off their bike from the garage, are unlikely to have ridden on the roads before – or not for a long time.

Road safety partnership spokesman John Siddle told Lincolnshire Live raised concern about the lack of safety gear being worn, plus some cyclists’ flagrant flouting of the rules by riding in groups.

He also spoke about the safety issues raised by a lack of traffic on the roads, which, when combined with “slow moving cyclists”, constituted a massive risk.

With as much as a 60% reduction in traffic on the county’s roads, some motorists are speeding, putting other road users at risk, Siddle suggested.

“Because there’s not much on the roads people can drive significant distances between seeing other vehicles,” he said. “There’s not the usual stimulus or hazards and speeds get faster and faster.

“Part of driving safely is having stimuli around you that makes you react, e.g. other drivers, and that’s not there.”

A lack of stimuli, coupled with tired key workers who are having to work long, stressful shifts, is not a good combination for road safety.

Lincolnshire Live also spoke to a lorry driver, who said he was “deeply concerned” with what he’s seeing on the roads.

The driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “Some are law-abiding and courteous and pull in for us to pass safely and then there’s the Tour de France wannabes who ride in groups of twos and threes – no social distancing.”

He explained that lorries can’t perform quick manoeuvres, so should he come across cyclists in a group on a blind bend, he is forced to go onto the other side of the road. “I cannot give them 2m as I pass,” he stressed.

What do you make of his comments and that of the road safety expert? Stay safe out there!

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