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Trucking’s gamification drive

Trucking’s gamification drive

Trucking is having a gamification make-over. From on-board cameras and increased connectivity to self-driving trucks, there’s no escaping advancing technologies. With so much data about trucks available to fleet managers, it won’t be long before every mile will be monitored in real-time.

But is gamification good for the industry?

The concept is pretty simple – everyone is used to the idea of playing games, so why not replicate the dynamics of game playing to boost driver engagement? This might mean competitions between drivers, scoring them on things like fuel economy, idling time, hard acceleration or aggressive braking. Good fuel performance means you gain points, hard braking means you lose points.

It sounds straightforward, but look a little deeper and you realise gamification uses psychology to change human behaviour. It’s suddenly sounding anything BUT simple.

Designed to increase fleet safety and reduce costs, driver scoring technology engages drivers by rewarding them individually and as part of a team. The money the company saves on fuel can translate into gifts or cash for the winners.

But while incentivisation has its perks (Free cash? Yes please!), the question being asked is where will it end? At what point does a driver obsess so much over data he or she loses track of other things? And what if it has an adverse effect among those who feel they’ll never reach the top spot?

Being monitored as a driver is becoming a daily reality, and only time will tell whether gamification has the positive impact it promises.

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