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Understanding insurance for goods in transit

insurance for goods in transit

As the UK government agreed to provide a £10 billion backstop for the fleet sectors through their new Trade Credit Reinsurance Scheme amid a pandemic that helped boost truck firms up to a considerable amount percentage, or marine insurance to cover damage of your ship or cargo. But what about the goods and services delivered by road each day? Considering the on-road risks held by such logistic journeys, it’s crucial to have insurance for goods in transit. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable assets that can benefit the employees and the company overall. Here’s how.


Insurance for goods in transit, or in other words, inland transit insurance, is nothing but a safe and feasible way of covering the numerous amount of risks that go down in the goods business or the personal assets of the insured while being in transit on land.

The insurance premium is based on the value the driver brings to the goods in transit and the number of risks bared during the ongoing business. The insurance for goods in transit will cover all the packing-unpacking, loading-unloading, storage and transportation of goods throughout the entire journey.

The other benefits cover the damages or mislay of goods and other forms of harm such as accidents, burnout ignitions, fire causes, theft and spiteful damages during operations.

Who is eligible for Insurance for goods in transit?

The insurance for goods in transit is beneficial for all the drivers who regularly engage in transporting goods and services over long and short distances. The individuals whose material goods and stock are valuable and shall-be-protected assets of their business during transit. So that the applied policy will help ensure them with all the risks of damages or thefts.

If you are a retailer in business and always need to depend on a third-party courier agency to transport your goods or a tradesman transporting super valuable tools and materials from point A to point B, the insurance for goods in transit policy will help you protect your business with long term security and agility.

Getting the insurance for goods in transit.

While getting the insurance for goods for transit, your top priority should be to clear all the doubts about the risks covered by this policy while transporting the goods. If you don’t have any idea about the covered perils, do not hesitate to ask for a clear breakdown of the policy from your insurer and find out if you’ve taken the correct type of cover.

To wrap your mind around, the general inclusions that come with this policy typically includes loss & theft of goods, unfortunate damages and delays caused during the transit.

What are the specific types of insurance covers?

Vehicles overnight cover

The vehicle overnight insurance will provide you with an overnight cover with a standard deal, some equipped with an extra payment. If your contract requires you to store your valuable goods, tools or materials in your vehicle overnight, we recommend ensuring this aspect of the policy.

Multiple vehicles, one policy cover

If you have multiple vehicles in transit and looking for all-in-one insurance to cover your business, the various vehicles with one policy cover will be your right choice. Offered at good rates with a reasonable provider, this cover is usually proven to be a time-saver with a low-cost margin.

Own vehicle: goods in transit insurance cover

As the name defines, the transit insurance cover for own vehicle will ensure all the damages or thefts carried goods by any vehicle owned and operated by the insured. This cover aspect is mainly suitable for small businesses and farmers with less-held vehicle percentages to collect and deliver goods. (not pertaining to a specific vehicle)

Carriers: goods in transit insurance cover

Again as per the name refers, the goods in transit insurance cover for carriers provide the ability to carry and cover all the commercial settlements within you and your customers happened due to the damage, loss of goods, materials or livestock insured by the carrier.

The Carrier transit insurance cover offers two categories:

  1. Comprehensive cover: To handle all the damages and losses caused by accident, humane slaughter and natural causes.
  2. Definitive cover: To handle all the damages and losses caused by major natural events such as flood, fire, collision, overturning, crash, extended to theft and non-delivery damages.

Specified Items covered in transit insurance.

This aspect of the cover is an annually taken cover for significant transit risks, including minor theft and damages on specific goods or tools used for trades such as mechanical, electrical, musical, and other sporting equipment. So, if you are a tradesman, a professional, sporting group, a small business or a school and association, taking this cover will be a wise decision.

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