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Unsecured loads create perilous problem on our roads

How to become an HGV driver

Drivers have been warned about the dangers of unsecured loads after authorities retrieved more than 46,000 items from UK roads in ten months.

According to data from Highways England, fallen objects include everything from king-size mattresses and garden sheds to sofas and doors.

The most common items found on roads are construction and building materials. Between June 2019 and April 2020, 9,576 incidents of building or construction items blocking roads were reported. This is higher than the 5,174 incidents of vehicle parts and accessories and around 3,400 incidents of household or garden items being retrieved from carriageways.

Not only do these fallen items cause a severe headache for the owner, they also pose a serious safety risk for other road users before they are retrieved by patrol vehicles.

Here are some of the more unusual (and downright dangerous) items that have been found on roads:

  •       Ship’s mast
  •       Fence panels
  •       Garden shed
  •       Washing machine
  •       Doors
  •       Double glazed windows
  •       Bicycles
  •       Domestic oil tank
  •       Timber
  •       Tools
  •       Tool boxes
  •       Motorcycle bags
  •       Roof boxes (and contents)

Ben Aldous, the RAC’s patrol ambassador of the year, said: “We’d ask everyone checks loads at the same time as looking at things like tyre tread and pressure, and oil and coolant levels.”

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