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Volta Trucks partners up to decarbonise London retail distribution

Volta Trucks partners with The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics to decarbonise central London retail distribution.

Volta Trucks, the leading full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has partnered with The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics to decarbonise and consolidate deliveries into London’s world-famous Regent Street’s retailers.

The Crown Estate is one of the West End’s largest property owners, and Clipper Logistics is its distribution provider, with tie-up aimed at improving air quality and congestion in the city centre.

Set to launch as a trial this summer, the full-electric Volta Zero is a key component of The Crown Estate’s latest delivery consolidation scheme for its Regent Street customers as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing emissions throughout the West End.

Their London portfolio spans 10 million sq ft and comprises of Regent Street and around half of St James’s, with an offer extending across the workplace, retail, dining, leisure, and residential sectors. 

Partnership offers access to a single accessible consolidation centre

For The Crown Estate’s Regent Street customers, the partnership offers access to a single accessible consolidation centre that sits just outside London’s congestion charge zone, where their deliveries are combined and dispatched to and from stores.

With its range of up to 125 miles, the full-electric Volta Zero is perfectly suited to this role, offering zero-emission deliveries between the consolidation centre and stores. 

The purpose-built Zero has been designed to be as safe as possible with a glasshouse-style cab that maximises driver visibility and provides industry-leading safety and driver working environment standards. 

Its large 8.6-tonne payload also removes several smaller 3.5-tonne vans from the streets, which helps reduce traffic congestion.

Consolidating multiple individual goods delivery trips into fewer combined journeys

Clipper Logistics have been working with The Crown Estate since 2008 to operate the Regent Street delivery scheme which has been consolidating multiple individual goods delivery trips into fewer combined journeys, helping to tackle London’s traffic congestion, improving local air quality, and supporting retailer efficiency. 

The initiative was the first of its kind in London and has benefited many Regent Street customers.

The chief executive of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh, said: “The full-electric Volta Zero is specifically designed for zero-emission urban distribution with exactly The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics’ use case in mind. 

“And with 8.6-tonnes of payload, it was created to consolidate deliveries and reduce congestion of smaller vehicles on city centre streets.”

He added: “I look forward to seeing The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics-liveried vehicles operating on the famous streets of London’s West End in only a few months’ time.”

‘Partnership is another important step towards reducing congestion’ 

Judith Everett, a director at The Crown Estate, said: “This partnership is another important step towards reducing congestion, improving air quality, and making our streets safer and more accessible across the West End. 

“It will be a win-win for us and our customers, helping support their deliveries and our joint sustainability ambitions. 

“It builds on our continued work to trial and test to see what works best for everyone using our streets, now and in the future.”

Mick Doe, transport operations director at Clipper Logistics, said: “As a business, we recognise we are high mileage road users, but we are committed to reducing unnecessary road miles, and ensuring that what we do accumulate is cleaner.

“We are delighted to partner with Volta Trucks and The Crown Estate as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the Regent Street environment. The partnership demonstrates Clipper’s agility and logistics ability by working to combat congestion and environmental impact in one of the world’s busiest retail areas.”

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