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Volvo Trucks boosts I-Shift gearbox shifting by up to 30%

Volvo Trucks has increased its I-Shift gearbox shifting speed by up to 30%.

Volvo Trucks’ intelligent and automated I-Shift gearbox is now faster than ever to deliver quicker response and improved driveability

The I-Shift gearbox shifting speed has, Volvo says, increased by up to 30% to help with the smoothness to the driving of both diesel and electric heavy-duty trucks.

The significant driveability improvement, which has been added to drivelines at all emission levels, is achieved by the new way in which the I-Shift gearbox interacts with the engine.

The update includes faster clutch activation that results in a shorter torque interruption. It also makes the gear shifting smoother, for a more harmonious driving experience.

‘Optimise the gear selection more efficiently’

Pär Bergstrand, the heavy-duty transmission manager at Volvo Trucks, said: “Faster gear shifting makes it possible to optimise the gear selection more efficiently. 

“And the more shifting events that the road and terrain require, the more the improvements will be appreciated by the driver.”

He added: “With up to 30% faster gear changing now possible using I-Shift, drivers will certainly experience a very positive difference.” 

Updated sensors that now provide data

The high-speed shifting is achieved based on several key improvements using updated sensors that now provide data with higher accuracy to the control unit, which features new software and a faster microprocessor, for much quicker calculation times.

There’s also an added disc in the gearbox brake that makes it react faster before a gear shift, so it can be done earlier.

Volvo says that the air volume has also been reduced in different actuation systems, for example the shift forks, the clutch and the gearbox brake, to further enable a faster gear shift.

First automated transmission for heavy-duty trucks

When I-Shift was introduced in 2001, it was the first-ever automated transmission designed for heavy-duty trucks. 

It can work with the entire powertrain, as this transmission system is tailored to the engine and vehicle components already from the development phase, contributing to lower fuel consumption – and thereby reduced environmental impact.

It also promotes increased safety and other important benefits including reduced noise, vibrations and physical strain on the driver.

These latest advances to gain 30% faster gear changes are further evidence of Volvo’s continuous improvement actions to provide better all-round driveability.

 ‘I-Shift has had an outstanding ability’

Mr Bergstrand said: “With all the improvements and new variants over the years, I-Shift has had an outstanding ability to solve more and more advanced tasks in efficient ways. 

“This means not only delivering high performance and fuel efficiency, but also outstanding driveability and comfort for the driver.” 

Today, all heavy-duty Volvo trucks are built with I-Shift as standard

And since its introduction, more than one million trucks have been sold globally with Volvo’s unique I-Shift technology.

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