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Volvo Trucks boosts long-haul fuel performance

Volvo Trucks is refining its I-Save concept to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

New refinements are being added to Volvo Trucks’ I-Save concept to lower fuel consumption and bring substantial savings in CO2 emissions – and boosting driveability for a more enjoyable ride.

The Volvo I-Save offering delivers engine technology optimisation, the control software and measures to reduce air resistance with the aim of increasing energy efficiency as much as possible.

The truck maker has now taken its FH I-Save concept one step further to ensure full optimisation of the engines’ combustion process by adapting the injectors, compression and camshaft specifically to the refined and unique new wave-patterned pistons. 

The overall weight and internal friction have also been reduced and the high-performance turbocharger and oil pump have received upgrades and even the filters for oil, fuel and air have patented refinements for better performance.

‘Critical details add up to substantial savings’

The VP of powertrain product management at Volvo Trucks, Helena Alsiö, said: “Starting from an already high-performance engine, we have looked deeply into many critical details that all together add up to substantial savings. 

“It’s all about getting more usable energy out of every drop of fuel.”

The heart of I-Save is the 13-litre engine with Volvo’s turbo compound technology, D13TC, which makes it possible to drive with low engine revs and high gears for longer periods of time. 

The result is a smoother and quieter ride with the engine running at high efficiency over the entire speed range, with the best result from 900 to 1,300 rpm.

Along with the hardware updates, a new generation of software for engine management has been added, which in turn communicates with an updated I-Shift gearbox. 

Intelligent update of the shifting strategy 

The result not only improves fuel economy, but also provides improved driveability since this intelligent update of the shifting strategy delivers a faster response and an even more harmonious driving experience.

I-Torque is a new intelligent torque software that increases energy efficiency by analysing the topography data from I-See and adapting the driving to the actual route. 

I-See uses information about the planned route to take advantage of the truck’s kinetic energy in the best possible way when driving on hilly terrain. 

The new I-Torque function manages gear selection, engine torque and braking when I-Cruise is activated.

‘Faster gearing and torque response from the driveline’

Ms Alsiö added: “To save fuel, the truck starts in Eco mode and as a driver you always have easy access to the power needed and can look forward to faster gearing and torque response from the driveline.”

When driving long distances, the truck’s aerodynamics play an important role in fuel economy and there have been several changes to improve air flow, such as tighter gaps on the front of the cab and a longer door extension.

Volvo Trucks’ FH, FM and FMX with standard 11- and 13-litre Euro6 engines are also getting updates that will increase their energy efficiency.

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