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Wear shades, stay safe

Wear shades, stay safe

Drivers who don’t wear sunglasses when the sun is shining could be inadvertently putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Data from the UK’s Department for Transport reveals just how many road accidents are caused by dazzling sunlight. In 2017, bright sunlight was listed as a contributory factor in 2,324 accidents. That equates to more than six accidents every day of the year.

The effects of dazzling sun were also reported as a factor in 25 fatal accidents that year.

During the summer months in particular, drives should make sure they are wearing adequate eye protection to protect themselves from glare and keep all road users safe.

All drivers should keep windscreens clean and drive at a safe distance behind other vehicles. And if visibility remains poor, pull over.

Truck drivers know the drill. Let’s hope other road users follow suit to keep the roads safe.

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