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What do trucking companies think of England’s roads?

The government says that longer lorries could be on the UK's roads from early 2022.

A new survey has revealed that less than half of companies running trucks on England’s motorways and A-roads feel they meet their business needs.

According to the Logistics and Coach Survey: Strategic Roads, which was carried out by independent watchdog Transport Focus, just two in five of the 414 logistics businesses surveyed were satisfied with England’s roads. Nearly one in three of those said they were dissatisfied.

The survey focused on five key areas: planning information, clear up after accidents, roadside rest facilities, roadworks, and quality of road surface. It then measured satisfaction levels among heavy goods vehicle managers in relation to those issues.

Clear up after accidents and roadside rest stops were ranked bottom of the list. Trucking companies highlighted a lack of consideration of drivers’ working hours when clearing up after accidents and a lack of security and value for money when it comes to rest facilities. These two factors were the two major causes of dissatisfaction among those surveyed.

The area which trucking companies felt most satisfied was the availability of live traffic information – in particular congestion levels.

The survey also revealed that 40% said the quality of the road surface significantly impacted the wear and tear of their vehicles.

Speaking about the findings, Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, said: “Freight logistics businesses are one of the biggest users of England’s motorways and A-roads, so it’s important that we understand their experiences of using them.

“This is an opportunity for those businesses to tell us what’s working, what’s not working, and crucially, where they want to see improvements.”

Chris Floyd, general manager of Linehaul Resourcing and Development at DPD Group, added: “The events of 2020 have made it even more apparent than before that the bulk movement of goods and people are the strategic pillars of our economy.”

The UK might have some of the safest roads in Europe, but what do you think of them? What else would you add to the survey’s findings?

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