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What do you get when you turn a sports car into a big rig?

What do you get when you turn a sports car into a big rig?

What is it about car manufacturers and their fascination with trucks? You’ve got Mercedes-Benz which is the sister company of Freightliner. Volkswagen is about to buy Navistar. And then there’s Tesla’s semi-truck.

This ongoing interest has clearly got fleet management review site FleetLogging thinking. Running with that theme, they’ve imagined what supercar brands would look like as trucks.

Of course, we’re unlikely to see a Ferrari super-truck on the road any time soon, but trucks are about to undergo a dramatic makeover as they transition from diesel to electric and hydrogen models. Think sleek, aerodynamic and much quicker moving off from traffic lights.

Whether you’re a fan of racing cars or racing trucks, here’s a roundup of what FleetLogging came up with…

Aston Martin

The name Aston Martin is all about luxury and sophistication. The Aston Martin truck takes inspiration from the shark-like DB11 (wide grille and slim, angled headlights), but with increased height and wraparound windscreen. And it comes complete with those DB11 alloy wheels.


The fantasy Ferrari truck takes its front from a Portofino. Ferrari aficionados will know that the Portofino has a retractable roof, so the truck version has a glass canopy (it seems a convertible cab was a step too far).


What to say about Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg? A relative newbie on the scene, it’s already making its mark with exhilarating design, state-of-the-art engineering, and superb performance. The Koenigsegg truck has all of that (and more). Based on the Agera, this is smaller and sleeker than the average truck that retains the helmet-shaped windscreen design and the single windscreen wiper.


Looking to the Urus SUV for inspiration, the team at FleetLogging were drawn to the fact it merges the soul of a sports car with the functionality of an SUV. Keeping the wide front grille, air intakes and headlights of the SUV, the Lambo truck features its trademark sharp lines and distinctive wheels.


According to the FleetLogging team, the fictional McLaren truck design was one of the hardest to create. A motor brand that’s known for winning on the racetrack, the muse for this truck was the 720S supercar. Everything you’d expect from a McLaren is there – the multi-spoke wheels, the orange paint, and a trailer designed to look like the McLaren logo. To the untrained eye it’s a McLaren 720S, just bigger and with more wheels.


This Italian carmaker has only ever made two supercars – the Zonda and Huayra. Looking to the Zonda Tricolore (originally a tribute to the Italian Air Force display team) for inspiration, the Pagani truck has slim quad headlights, bronze wheels and a single wiper blade.

W Motors

Based in the United Arab Emirates, W Motors has two hypercars on its books: the Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport. The former may have featured in Fast and Furious 7, but it’s the latter that inspired the W Motors truck. Taking the front clip and adding a tall windscreen, the truck has a slightly alien-feel to it.

Want to see more? Take a look at FleetLogging’s If 7 Supercar Manufacturers Created Super Semi Trucks post for the full picture.

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