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What makes a great truck stop?

What makes a great truck stop?

A survey carried out last year by the watchdog Transport Focus revealed that while 90% of visitors to motorway services are satisfied with the facilities, professional drivers are less so.

84% of HGV drivers were satisfied with the facilities – and while this is not a huge difference, it highlights that truckers have additional needs that may not be currently met. Parking layout, security, and healthy food options were all scored lower by truckers than non-truckers.

Not all truck stops are made equal and we all know a good truck stop when we arrive at one. Some make you want to run (or rather drive) for the hills, others make you want to stay the night.

I know that the truck stops near me range from the incredible to the shoddy to the downright bizarre.

Some of the truck stops I’ve stopped at over the years have definitely gone the extra mile, with outdoor gym equipment, an Airstream early bird café, and 60s rock music.

I hear the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana comes complete with a caged tiger. I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for when I want a break from driving, but each to their own…

When asked for feedback about what makes a good truck stop, truckers said they want facilities such as showers, access to fuel, secure parking, good food, value for money, and friendly service.

When freight ferry ticket agent Freightlink conducted a similar survey in January last year, lorry repair services, vehicle washing, and overnight parking packages appeared alongside the standard facilities on drivers’ wishlists.

Some of the truck stops near me meet or even exceed those standards, while others fall far short. 

I know what stops are at the top of my list. What stops (if any) would get your vote? Let us know in the comments.

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