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What to do about fuel crime?

What to do about fuel crime?

There were around 25,000 fuel thefts in the UK last year, totalling a loss of roughly £9 million.

That’s some worrying figures to take on board. Especially when you find out that 99% of fuel criminals are getting away with those thefts.

The research, which was compiled through Freedom of Information requests to UK police forces, show that there were 25,614 confirmed fuel thefts in 2018. This shows a decrease of 11% from 2017, but with only 23 of the 45 police forces responding to the request, the actual figure could be much higher.

Greater London was the worst hit area – 13,799 thefts costing £1.1 million. While the second-worst area was West Yorkshire with 4,123 reported fuel crimes.

80% of crimes reported involved motorists leaving petrol stations without paying prompting calls for more investment in high res CCTV and licence plate readers.

Ever tried to do a runner from a petrol station? No, me neither.

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