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What will reduce fuel consumption of your Fleet?

what will reduce fuel consumption

In this article, let’s find out what will reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet and stay on top of your business. If you are working as a fleet manager or wish to balance & reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption, then here are some tips shared below to cut back your fuel costs.

UK fuel cards are efficient ways to increase efficiency & save as much money as possible.

Reducing fuel consumption is one of the best ways to keep your business buoyant and under control. As a fleet manager, your fuel priority is high. Therefore, it’s crucial to reduce the money spent on fuel & stay profitable.

Tips to reduce fuel consumption for fleet drivers

We believe that fuel conservation is a responsibility of the fleet drivers more than fleet managers. Therefore, the drivers play a crucial role in figuring out what will reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet. It’s highly recommended to use a fuel calculator to occasionally check your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Below are some carefully researched ways to follow for drivers.

Avoiding uphill speeding

Try to avoid uphill speeding as much as possible because increasing the speed while climbing can waste a lot of fuel and energy.

You can speed up before escalating upward to gain a natural speed and cross the obstacle.

Filling up in mild weather

Make a habit of filling up your fleet when the temperature is low to get the increased amount of density your gasoline can get in such weather.

Parking in a shade

If you park your vehicle in the shade, it’ll help reduce the gas evaporation and naturally cool down the vehicle. This indirectly demands less fuel as you won’t lose fuel or waste air conditioning.

Driving at a moderate speed limit

A report from an environmental protection agency has sufficed that driving at a speed of fifty-five miles/hr rather than sixty-five miles/hr can help reduce fuel consumption of your fleet by ten per cent.

Tips to reduce fuel consumption for fleet managers

Acquiring a fleet fuel card

Getting a prioritized fuel card can help limit all the expenses of fuel purchased together with other units. You can also get fuel card stats that can be easily accessed online. You can study your monthly fuel expenses and observe any unwanted spikes in fuel purchases that are used unnecessarily.

You can use these reports to identify whether the fuel costs are used to satisfy the driver’s personal needs rather than your fleet’s needs. Going the extra mile further, you can also easily monitor the refuel dates occurring every weekend or more frequently.

Maintaining the fleet tyre pressure.

As a fleet manager, another great way to conserve fuel in your fleet is to maintain your fleet’s tyre pressure and ensure they are well inflated.

Therefore, we advise you to provide every one of your drivers with a tyre gauge so they can always check and ensure the fleet’s tyres are well inflated and maintained at all times. Also, remind your drivers to check the doorpost sticker to figure out the minimum tyre pressure.

Because even one underinflated tyre, let it be as little as 4 to 5 psi down the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level, can increase your fleet’s fuel consumption by ten per cent. The long term consequences can cause the tyre’s tread reduction up to fifteen per cent.

Monitoring & preventing the maintenance in time

Proper occasional maintenance is essential when we ask what will reduce fuel consumption. If you don’t monitor your fleet occasionally, it can often use excess fuel and increase the costs.

Suppose the fleet’s filter get’s dirty, you will risk clogging the engine’s air supply which causes a higher fuel-to-air ratio. This will indirectly cause the fleet to consume more gas, thus, more money.

Maintaining your fleet in time can help you with energy-conserving oils that remain consistent with the manual and maintain the viscosity grade.

Opt for fuel-efficient vehicles

If your fleet is not a fuel-efficient vehicle, i.e., consuming less fuel compared with other vehicles, no matter how best your fuel card program is, you’ll make near to no meaningful savings when in business.

Buying fuel-efficient fleets/parts such as Goodyear’s fuelmax endurance tyres will also advance you while saving a lot on gas for the long run.

Minding the idling business

One of the crucial responsibilities of a fleet manager is to warn your drivers about excessive idling. Leaving the vehicle while the engine is on and running errands can cost a lot of unwanted fuel consumption.

It’s suggested that drivers only keep the engine on while they make the stop for less than 60 seconds. They should never, without reason can leave there and let an idling vehicle sit with the engine turned on.


What will reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet is shown above by understanding the importance of your success and profitability in the fleet business. Consider these points to ensure fuel economy within your fleets.

As a fleet driver, you should always consider the above points and drive within the speed limits, limit the use of air conditions and excess electronics using fuel and fill up the tanks during cool temperatures.

As a fleet manager, you must ensure all your fleets have a UK Fuel card to save and monitor fuel costs.

It would be best if you always made a habit of passing strict warnings to all your fleet drivers against parking in high temperatures and idling for no reason.

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