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What you need to know about TFFPD: the charity organisation for truck drivers

What you need to know about TFFPD: the charity organisation for truck drivers

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People in the transport community know how hard driving a truck is: long hours to drive ahead, a cold cab as home for the night and away from their families most of the time. Moreover, for some unfortunate drivers, terrible accidents occur while on the road, ending up with life-changing injuries or worse, loss of life. Most of time, when such unfortunate events happen, drivers find themselves unaided, without a job and the ability to provide for their families. In this scenario the Fund for Professional Drivers, a non profit organisation, can help.

We had a chat with Stephen Spalding, founder of the Fund for Professional Drivers and found out a little more about what he’s doing to help the community.


Where did you get this idea from?

As a truck driver myself, I’ve been tramping for over four years now and I am always away from home. It is a very stressful industry and not greatly well paid. I am aware of other funds already existing for truck drivers, but I wanted to start my own in order to raise funds and help drivers when they need it the most. At the moment we are only at the beginning, there are only few drivers donating to the Fund, but others are willing to donate as soon as things are officially up and running.


What do you need to be an official charity?

I applied for a Charity Number that I will receive at any minute now and we already have a lawyer that is voluntary helping and giving legal advice to anyone who is in need regarding injuries and accidents claims happened on the road.


What would you say to be a challenge you are facing right now and where would you like to see the Fund in the future?

To get the Fund known is definitely challenging. People don’t trust easily and in a charity environment is even more difficult. Convincing people to donate is tough, but as soon as I get the charity number it will be way easier.

I definitely want to see the Fund for Professional Drivers well established in the charity environment and be able to help as many stranded truck drivers as possible.


Who can apply to receive the funds?

Any driver or family member in the industry that suffered a serious accident at work or unfortunate loss of life. This will include members that suffered from a heart attack, which is likely to happen with professional drivers due to the amount of stress and strain of truck driving.


Is there any event planned to raise money?

Yes, I am organising a charity night at the Squires Cafe Bar in Leeds the 29th and 30th of June 2019. To entry is required a small donation and people can bring their trucks, motorbikes or vintage cars to show around. We hope to get some good donations!


Well, if you’ll be in Leeds at the end of June don’t miss out on the chance to have a fun night and help people in need too. To help the Fund for Professional Drivers, it is also possible to join the official Facebook group and find out when other event near you are happening or on how to donate.


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