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Where are the safest and most dangerous roads in Europe?

Where are the safest and most dangerous roads in Europe?

The European Commission has published its 2018 road safety statistics, and the news is better for drivers in some countries than others.

The report found that Romania had the most dangerous roads of all 28 EU member countries, while the UK’s roads were the safest.

Last year, Romania saw 96 road deaths per one million people, followed by Bulgaria (88 per million) and Latvia (78 per million).

At the other end of the scale, the UK had 28 deaths per one million people. Denmark and Ireland were the next safest countries for road users, with 30 and 31 fatalities per one million people respectively.

These figures show a decline in the number of road deaths, but not as much as experts would have hoped. However, some are feeling optimistic.

Antonio Avenoso, executive director of the European Transport Safety Council, said: “EU member states will have to take bold action: increasing levels of enforcement, taking meaningful steps to address speeding, drink/drug driving and distraction and ensuring that vulnerable road users get the safe infrastructure they need.”

Do these findings ring true for you?

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