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Where is the longest motorway in the UK?

longest motorway in UK

FleetSpeak gives an insightful guide to the longest motorway in the UK.

Since 2017, the UK government figures have outnumbered by estimating the longest motorway in the UK at a staggering 246,700 miles that is (397,025kms)

Whereas a vast 87.3% of the overall length can be found on short roads, making the handful of the country’s significant roads an excellent cross-country drive.

What’s the longest motorway in the UK?

The longest known motorway in the UK stretches within 300 miles. The top three longest motorways in the UK are:

  1. M6: Catthorpe, Leicestershire — Gretna Green, Dumfriesshire – Spread: 236 miles (379.8km)
  2. M1: Staples Corner, London — Hook Moor, Yorkshire – Spread: 200 miles (321.9km)
  3. M4: Chiswick, London — Pont Abraham, Carmarthenshire – Spread: 191.9 miles (308.8 km)

1. M6: Catthorpe, Leicestershire — Gretna Green, Dumfriesshire – Spread 236 miles (379.8kms)

longest motorway in UK

The UK’s longest and most archaic motorway is arguably also one of the most essential motorways starting in Catthorpe – Leicestershire sweeping past the country’s greatest cities and ending in Gretna Green. (Laying north of the Scottish border)

Here are some M6 stop-off suggestions you can use:

From Catthorpe, head north through the west midlands ascending towards the Potteries of Stoke-on-Trent.

Located just off J15, You can decide to check out the magnificent Trentham Estate and its monkey forest. Finding yourself at the centre of the Northern powerhouses of Liverpool and Manchester, You can have a perfect time to fancy yourself with retail therapy and glammy city vibes.

From that point, the route rolls around Preston expecting breathtaking Lakeland scenery on your way towards the border. You can opt to detour off to explore the finest Lake District as well.

2. M1: Staples Corner, London — Hook Moor, Yorkshire – Spread 200 miles (321.9kms)

longest motorway in UK

Despite its name, the M6 is not the first motorway constructed. In fact, it’s the Preston bypass section (of M6) that holds the honour. Linking the Greater London with combined Yorkshire and the southern end of the M6 motorway makes it a pivotal road connection in the UK.

Form Staples Corner, the motorway hauls through London prior to heading over towards Milton Keynes, Leicester, and in due course, Sheffield and Leeds.

For drivers with younger kids in the family, ZSL Whipsnade, close to J11, has one of the most wonderful zoos in south England. Whereas stretching north, near Leicester, you can discover the National Space Center ( A 15-minutes drive from J21), which hosts the country’s biggest domed planetarium.

3. M4: Chiswick, London — Pont Abraham, Carmarthenshire – Spread 191.9 miles (308.8kms)

longest motorway in UK

The M4 is the only part-Welsh road on our list, stretching from West London through the Thames Valley on its way to delightful South Wales. Since the holidays head down towards the West Country, this motorway is often found very busy during the peak summer season.

While the journey through West London is quite uneventful, the historic Windsor is considered relatively a short distance from J6, whereas ascending west on J11, Reading is undoubtedly one of the finest retail offerings outside London.

After passing Reading, the M4 rolls through the North Wessex Downs & the southern outskirts of the Cotswolds before reaching Bristol and the Severn Crossing line. You can find the Clean Air Zones (CAZs) along the way up to Bristol for convenience.

After paying your toll along the way, you can head across South Wales; detours can be taken towards the cosmopolitan Cardiff, including the overwhelming Rhossili Bay on the Gower.

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