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Why the EU’s roads are the safest in the world

Why the EU’s roads are the safest in the world

The latest Road Safety Annual Report has confirmed what many of us already knew – the European Union has the safest road system in the world.

Much of its success is put down to the EU’s adoption of the Vision Zero and Safe System approach to road safety. 

These schemes aim to reduce death and serious injury on the road by addressing key factors: infrastructure design, vehicle safety, driver behaviour, emergency response, legislation, enforcement, and education – as well as acknowledging humans are only human.

Road safety is something the EU works hard on. For example, the EU Road Safety Exchange – a new initiative recently announced in Brussels – sees 12 countries sharing best practice, skills and experience, pairing Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania with other EU countries to help them make the road safety improvements they need.

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  1. Well that’s strange, we’ve been in the “EU” fourty tree years and bugger all has bled through to our road systems from Europe in the way of parallel road laws, and management!?


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